The following technical data depicts ARTS III flight tracks processed by Leigh Fisher Associates, July 1999.

The data depicted is for June 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th, 1999.

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ARTS III Flight Tracks
ARTS by Type.pdf
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1. Heavy Jet Departures

2. Medium Jet Departures

3. Light Jet Departures

4. Non-jet Departures

5. Military Departures

6. Heavy jet arrivals

7. Medium jet arrivals

8. Light jet arrivals

9. Non-jet arrivals

10. Military arrivals

ARTS Figures
ARTS Figures.pdf
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1. Daytime Departure Flight Tracks

2. Nighttime Departure Flight Tracks

3. Daytime Arrival Flight Tracks

4. Nighttime Arrival Flight Tracks

5. Flight Tracks - Generalized Departure Altitude

6. Flight Tracks - Generalized Arrival Altitude

SDF Miscellaneous
SDF Figures.pdf
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1. Study Area
FAR Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study Louisville International Airport
July 1999

2. Noise Monitoring Sites

3. Noise Sensitive Facilities

4. Existing Land Use

5. Historical Noise Complaints (Opening of West Runway to Study Initiation)

6. Current Noise Complaints (April 16 through July 14,1999)