List of Committees

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      Focused committees, whose members come from the Study Group, will report findings and recommendations in their subject area for discussion and endorsement by the group.

Throughout the study project, these committees will study, report and participate on the following tasks and objectives:

- Identification of aircraft noise
- Potential noise abatement measures
- Noise abatement screening criteria
- Identification of noise abatement strategies
- Potential noise mitigation measures
- Selection of noise mitigation screening criteria
- Recommend noise mitigation measures
- Identification of alternatives
- Selection of the preferred alternative
- Recommend Noise Compatibility program
- Selection of public facilities for distribution of the Draft Part 150 Update

The following committees are constituted for the purposes indicated:


Coordinating Council Nominating       Coordinating Council Nominating
Receives and considers nominees from each organization or caucus represented on the Coordinating Council, and submits candidates for endorsement by the 150 Study Group. Processes replacement candidates as needed.


Consultant Screening/Oversight       Consultant Screening/Oversight
Evaluates proposals for technical and administrative support for the 150 study process, and briefs recommendations to the Group. Monitors implementation of resulting contract(s), and recommends actions to address any reported performance problems.


      Environmental Issues
Examines related impact of elements other than noise attributable to airport operations. Develops recommendations to mitigate air pollution, chemical deposits, wildlife degradation, and similar effects.

Mr. Michael Clancey (
Mr. Pete Levermore (

Metrics       Metrics
Reviews scientific means to measure airport noise exposure, and weighs effectiveness of alternatives. Examines resulting criteria to direct and gauge relief, and makes recommendations to the 150 Study Group.

Mr. Bill Simpson (

Navigation       Navigation
Studies the impact of prescribed flight patterns on noise exposure. Develops recommendations for policies determining arrival and departure rules based on direction, time of day, weather conditions, and other pertinent criteria.

Mr. Dorn Crawford (

      New Technologies
Reviews current and emerging capabilities to mitigate airport noise via innovative navigation aids, equipment upgrades, dampening devices, physical barriers, and the like. Weighs economic feasibility and recommends practical steps.

Mr. Arnold Celentano (

      Noise Monitoring
Collects data resulting from noise monitoring. Evaluates the fidelity of noise models against actual measurements of exposure. Recommends, as needed, adjustments to modeling inputs, strategies for gathering actual data, and refinement of resulting exposure profiles.

Mr. Denny Rued (

      Public Information
Evaluates current and prospective means to inform the public, process complaints, compile statistics, and provide feedback on noise exposure. And recommends new measures and programs to increase public awareness and participation.


      Relocation Liaison
Studies relocation criteria, policies and resources for affected areas.

Mr. Don Conrad

Rules       Rules
Prepares and submits the 150 Study Group charter for its approval, and develops such changes and refinements as the Group may direct over time. Hears any objections or comments on the Group's rules and operating practices, and makes appropriate recommendations for the Group's approval.

Mr. Tim Chilton (

      Sensitive Facilities
Studies noise impact and potential mitigating steps for facilities not suitable for relocation, or disproportionately affected by noise - churches, schools, meeting halls, etc. Recommends alternative strategies for relief.

Ms. Donna Lawlor (

      Strategic Planning
Studies the long-range impact of airport operations in alternative foreseeable futures. Develops recommendations to address cumulative effects under various economic and demographic assumptions.

Colonel Tom Marks, Jr (


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