Meeting Notes : New Technologies Committee

Committee notes reflect the views and opinions of the committee members and not necessarily those of the Noise Compatibility Study Group, Coordinating Council, Regional Airport Authority of Louisville and Jefferson County, or the Consultant Team.
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Attendees: Arnold Celentano, Marvin Pilkenton, Mary Rose Evans and Luanne Rice

This meeting was held at RAA offices and convened at 7:15 p.m. Minutes from the last meeting were reviewed. The group agreed to add "Operational/Flight Tracking" to its list of concerns (see notes from previous meetings).

Mary Rose gave a review of a recent meeting with all Part 150 Study committee chairs. Arnold talked about a meeting he and Luanne had attended at HNTB Company representatives (a local group of architects, engineers, and planners who are subcontractors with the Leigh Fisher Group). He had gotten good input from that meeting. He explained that they will eventually provide a "contour map" showing sound levels identified in the 150 study. The new '99 report, it was noted, will probably look quite different from the '92 report.

Marvin commented that previous notes were accurate and "very apropos." We hope to continue this effort and get our notes "on the Web" in a timely fashion.

The committee discussed a runway extension in Miami that is designed to reduce noise. We also discussed "hush kits" that reduce noise levels to "skin-of-their-teeth" levels that barely pass the level 3 requirement. Mary Rose interjected that the Hush Kits aren't always used properly, thus they may allow less than minimal noise reduction to go undetected. We also talked about the third (cross-wind) runway at the airport. Apparently this runway is being used when it is not essential to operations. We need operational guidelines and rules in place that will protect neighborhoods from such misuse—not just allowing random use that fits convenience.

The committee was very interested in reports that indicate the two quietest fleets flying out of Louisville airport (or will be, when upgrades are completed) are Southwest and UPS.

Marvin expressed the opinion that the flight reports given at the last 150 study meeting resembled a "can of worms." He noted they showed no identifiable patterns; but were "all over the place." "Who's tracking these planes?" he asked. "People are expecting answers." Arnold responded, "We're finding answers that are cost-effective, like better operational procedures, the speed and routes taken, and others." "Quicker is not always better," he stated. Mary Rose added: "The airlines know there will be some costs to noise mitigation. They have to do this (abide by operational procedures, etc.) in other cities. It's time they start doing them here." She also voiced a concern about defining "contra-flow", an idea from the last 150 study.

Mary Rose has a noise-related video from San Bruno, California that she wants the committee to review. We also talked again about getting other speakers to meet with this group. Luanne added more information about the proposed meeting with Peerless Products' representative in September. This committee agreed that they would like to be included in that meeting. The Public Information Committee may also want to attend, as well as a representative from HNTB.

Arnold asked what procedures this committee should follow to work with the Leigh Fisher Group. He wanted to know if they are doing anything on navigational devices. He stated, "We need to get someone in here with that expertise." Mary Rose stated that Leigh Fisher has produced a video on that subject which she will try to get for our viewing. She also informed us that citizens in the Washington, DC area and also Long Island, have made major strides in airport noise reduction, but they continue to have to fight to keep their achievements intact—it's very easy for airport noise successes to drift backwards!

At this time the next committee meeting was left open, assuming a joint meeting will be scheduled with Sensitive Facilities in late September (to be established and published).

This meeting adjourned at 9:02 p.m.


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