Meeting Notes : Sensitive Facilities Committee

Committee notes reflect the views and opinions of the committee members and not necessarily those of the Noise Compatibility Study Group, Coordinating Council, Regional Airport Authority of Louisville and Jefferson County, or the Consultant Team.

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MARCH 5, 2001
6:00 p.m

A meeting of the Sensitive Facilities Committee was held at the Regional Airport Authority office. The main purpose of the meeting was to meet the new noise officer, Mr. Bob Slattery, and discuss current status of the noise study. Chairperson Marnie Varela was unable to attend. There were 9 members present plus Mr. Slattery.

It was brought to the attention of Mary Rose Evans and Dorn Crawford that some of the members had not received mailings of the study group update memo from Lt. Col. Tom Marks that included the appointment of the new noise officer. Mr. Slattery will review the mailing lists and assure all members of this committee are on the mailing list.

Mary Rose Evans explained the process of hiring Mr. Slattery. The study group had reached a consensus that a noise officer should be hired. His position and salary was approved by the RAA. The General Manager initiated the process. The screening committee included people representing airline carriers, RAA staff, a former noise officer from another airport, and Mary Rose Evans represented the neighbors of the airport.

Mr. Slattery had noticed a representative from schools is not on this committee. We explained that anyone may be on this committee. That led to further discussion on what we can do to involve people at Sensitive Facilities with our committee.

Kim McGee brought to the attention of those present that the committee had originally thought of sending a survey to "Sensitive Facilities" to obtain information on the effects of airport noise to their facility. This would also bring to their attention that the Sensitive Facilities Committee exists.

The group discussed and agreed that each member could prepare a draft letter and list of questions they thought should be included in a survey. This would also allow us time to research to see if other such surveys exist. Then, at the next meeting we could view everyone's suggestions. We could then break out into groups by type of facility and work on the actual surveys.

The group suggested Chairperson Marnie Varela contact us with information on the date and time for the next meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.

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