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Committee notes reflect the views and opinions of the committee members and not necessarily those of the Noise Compatibility Study Group, Coordinating Council, Regional Airport Authority of Louisville and Jefferson County, or the Consultant Team.

Pending Committee Approval

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October 30, 2002

Members Present: Mary Rose Evans, Dorn Crawford, George Hudson, Bob Slattery, Tim Chilton

Mary Rose Evans served as Acting Chair of the meeting, beginning the discussion at around 3:00PM.

The primary purpose of the meeting was to determine the structure and process for the Noise Oversight Committee that will come out of this study.

Scope of the Oversight Committee:

By consensus, it was agreed that the Oversight Committee will take on the role of ensuring that the Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study is fully implemented and will monitor all associated impacts. There was some discussion that perhaps we should allow Bowman Field issues to be fielded by this group, but it was agreed that a more narrow vision is necessary: one that focuses on the Noise Compatibility Study implemented at Louisville International.

A Mission Statement should be written that addresses the more narrow scope.


How should the Oversight Committee be structured? Which stakeholders should be represented? How can we ensure that all stakeholders are adequately represented, while maintaining a total number that is small enough to maximize efficiency?

By consensus, we agreed to a 13-member committee, made up of the following stakeholders:

1) RAA Noise Officer
This position is already fully funded and can serve in various roles, especially data collection.

2) Air Traffic Control
Any change in procedures will affect them.

3) Airport Affairs Committee
This represents the interest of all air carriers at LIA.

4) Kentucky Air National Guard
Again, any change in procedure affects them.

5) University of Louisville
The University is the preeminent Sensitive Facility in the immediate airport area. Originally, it was thought that we needed a "Sensitive Facility" member on the committee, but it was agreed that the various other sensitive facilities would be represented fairly by residents named to the Committee.

6) General Aviation (at LIA)
Again, changes in procedures affect them.

7) Greater Louisville Representative to be named by Metro Mayor
It was agreed that the new merged government would have a vital stake in any changes in procedure. It was preferred to allow the Executive of the local government the power to name a representative for the new government with the thought that an elected "big picture" leader would be able to balance all needs and interests as fairly as anyone.

8) Regional Airport Authority Member
All of the decisions the Oversight Committee makes will impact the RAA.

***Five (5) Airport Resident Representatives***

As expected, determining the proper balance of Resident Representatives and determining a way to choose them was our most difficult task. By consensus, we agreed to the following:

As the Airport Neighbors' Alliance is an acknowledged leader for airport neighbors' concerns, they will provide the mechanism for naming Airport Resident Representatives.

One (1) Representative shall be directly named by the ANA. The other four (4) Representatives shall be approved by the ANA, which will accomplish this by forming a Nominating Committee and taking nominations from the community. Nominees need not be members of ANA to serve on the Oversight Committee.

While one Rules Committee member preferred a "best 5 person" approach, it was agreed that, in order to address issues of representation, the airport area would be divided into quadrants (Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, Southeast), with the ANA naming one Resident Representative from each of those quadrants. The airport area will be divided thusly: the East-West line is roughly the Watterson, while the North-South line splits the two parallel runways.

The issue of voting was discussed and we agreed that all decisions should be made by consensus.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:55PM.


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