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Committee notes reflect the views and opinions of the committee members and not necessarily those of the Noise Compatibility Study Group, Coordinating Council, Regional Airport Authority of Louisville and Jefferson County, or the Consultant Team.

Pending Committee Approval

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February 27, 2003

Tim Chilton chaired a meeting of the Noise Compatibility Study Rules Committee on Thursday, February 27, 2003 at the Audubon Country Club. Other participants:

Bob Slattery, Louisville International Noise and Environmental Programs Officer
Larry Owsley, University of Louisville
George Hudson, Concerned Citizen
Mary Rose Evans, Regional Airport Authority, Airport Neighbors' Alliance
Dorn Crawford, City of Audubon Park
John Sistarenek, Old Louisville Neighborhood Council
Joe Richardson, United Parcel Service

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM. Our focus was to continue work on the Charter for the group that will "monitor" the implementation of the recently approved Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study.

In reviewing notes of the previous meeting, Dorn Crawford questioned the change in the group’s core function, from the original "overseeing" to "monitoring." His concern was that this would imply too passive a role. Joe Richardson gave the reciprocal concern, that "oversee" would connote a formal authority line that was unsuitable to our purpose. After further discussion, the committee agreed to stay with the term "monitor," but with the clear and specific understanding of a very active role for the group – not just observing, but steering, and pursuing solutions to problems.

The committee decided that we will use "Community Noise Forum" as a temporary title. The actual committee members, when installed, will be free to change the title. In the parts of the Charter approved by consensus, the title "Forum" has been used to replace "Committee". There are lingering concerns among some neighborhood activists that the noise-affected neighbors will not be fairly represented. The committee agreed to pledge to reach out to all potential representatives, and the activists would have to hold the Forum accountable. This seemed agreeable, but the question can't be declared completely resolved.

Important Note! Two members of the committee, Mr. Owsley and Mr. Richardson, left the meeting early, having thought that the heavy lifting had been done. After their departure, Mr. Slattery proposed language changes that were submitted for consideration by the Regional Airport Authority. These problems were so vexing that we finally agreed that we needed a meeting with RAA management to work some of this out.

The problem language is found in two paragraphs set aside and placed in bold print. We began to work through some of the language, but it is clear that we need to correct the entirety of the language so that the whole is always in context.

Bob Slattery agreed to try to set up a meeting for Friday afternoon on March 7, 2003.

Continuing with the template that was offered by Mr. Crawford, we agreed to the following amended document (all of the changes are in bold print):


The Community Noise Forum is constituted as an initiative of the Regional Airport Authority of Louisville and Jefferson County, as part of its Noise Compatibility Program. The Forum shall be responsible for monitoring the implementation of the Noise Compatibility Program by: assessing the effectiveness of its component measures; formulating proposed changes and refinements; and collecting necessary knowledge and materials to facilitate future Program updates.

The Forum shall prepare an annual report for presentation to the RAA Board.

The Forum incorporates representation from all components of the airport community: airlines, other aircraft operators, businesses, sensitive facilities, residents, management, and government. In order to provide for stable structure and participation, the Forum shall consist of designated or specified representatives of:

    • Regional Airport Authority (RAA) Board: member appointed under KRS 183.132(6)(d)

    • RAA Management

    • Louisville Air Traffic Control staff

    • Louisville Airport Affairs Committee

    • Kentucky Air National Guard

    • United Parcel Service

    • General aviation community at SDF

    • University of Louisville

    • Louisville Metro Government

    • Airport Neighbors' Alliance (ANA)

    • General citizenry of each quadrant bounding the airport, as defined by the axis of I-264 adjacent to the airport, and a line between, and parallel to, the airport's parallel runways

The RAA Noise and Environmental Programs Coordinator shall be considered a committee resource and shall be a non-voting member.

Chief executives of each of the organizations and entities listed shall be responsible for designating their representatives and two proxies to the Forum if not otherwise specified. The Chief Executive of the FBO shall designate a general aviation representative. In the cases of the general citizenry, which represent the concerns of specified airport neighbors, seats shall be filled by the Airport Neighbors' Alliance (ANA), based on an open nominating and election process. Candidates need not be members of ANA.

The Forum shall elect a Chair and a Vice-Chair, and establish such other offices as it deems appropriate to facilitate its operation. Officers shall serve terms of one year, and may be reelected if otherwise qualified. The Chair shall work with the RAA staff to prepare meeting agendas; preside over meetings; and review and endorse meeting notes for the Forum's approval. The Chair shall also oversee the recording and forwarding of any formal decision or recommendation adopted at a Forum meeting.

The Forum shall ordinarily meet monthly, at the offices of the RAA or another agreed location, with a regular agenda reflecting the main elements of the Noise Compatibility Program. A majority of the Forum shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of conducting meetings, though formal action may be taken only by consensus of the Forum's members, as stipulated below. Special meetings may be called by the chair or by any four Forum members, provided that all members are notified at least three (3) days prior of the time, place and purpose of the meeting, and that the meeting addresses only the stated purpose. All meetings shall be considered public meetings within the meaning of KRS 61.805.

The Forum may from time to time establish such working groups as it finds necessary to advance its agenda. Such working groups may include participants who are not Forum members if required, but shall report findings and recommendations in their designated areas for discussion and endorsement by the Forum. Chairs of such working groups shall be selected by, and serve at the pleasure of, their members.

Working Groups shall report data, evaluations and findings to the Forum as they emerge on individual issues, respond to inquiries, and assist as needed in making presentations. The Forum shall record recommendations it adopts, and assist in moving them forward for consideration in compiling future updates of the Noise Compatibility Program.


All of the above was agreed to by consensus


Administrative support for the Forum's work program shall be provided by the staff of the Regional Airport Authority, and coordinated by the chair for the conduct and content of each meeting. Support includes publication and distribution of meeting notices and agendas, taking meeting notes, reproduction of discussion materials, documentation of decisions and recommendations, public affairs liaison, and such related tasks as the chair may identify. Meeting notes shall capture comments, questions, and decisions made by the Forum. Notes shall also be taken by designated members of the meetings of working groups, for distribution, after review and approval, to the Forum.

Funding support for programs proposed by the Forum shall be addressed in the regular budgetary process of the RAA. Administrative costs of the Forum shall be vouchered to the RAA as required, under the guidance of the General manager. Members of the Forum shall serve without compensation, but shall be allowed any reasonable expenses incurred by them in the conduct of the affairs of the Forum.


Important Note! There was no consensus met on the two paragraphs above! It became clear that the RAA had concerns about the language. It is here that we agreed that direct meetings with RAA management were necessary to resolve these issues. The following two paragraphs remain unchanged and are determined to be approved by consensus:


The Forum shall take its decisions by consensus. Issues on which consensus is not achieved in the Forum may be referred to working groups for further study. In cases where the chair determines that efforts to attain consensus are exhausted, findings shall be compiled and recorded with full representation of dissenting views.

Business of the Forum shall otherwise be conducted informally, with procedural questions resolved by reference to the Modern Rules of Order. Recurrent or systemic issues shall be catalogued for further study and recommendations by reference to this Charter. The Charter may be amended by decision of the Forum.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:42 PM.


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