Meeting Notes : Consultant Screening/Oversight Committee

Committee notes reflect the views and opinions of the committee members and not necessarily those of the Noise Compatibility Study Group, Coordinating Council, Regional Airport Authority of Louisville and Jefferson County, or the Consultant Team.
back to NOTES       Thursday, August 10, 2000

The meeting was held at 6:30 in the Regional Airport Authority Boardroom.

Committee members present were Tim Chilton, Don Conrad, Dorn Crawford, Mary Rose Evans, Mindy Lambert, Pete Levermore, Joe Richardson, and Bill Simpson.

RAA General Manager, Jim DeLong; RAA chief engineer, Bob Brown; and Old Louisville representative, John Sistarenik were also at the meeting.

Notes from the March 13 and July 13, 2000 meetings had been posted on the Web site and were distributed at the meeting. After reading the notes no one had corrections and both sets of notes were approved without objection.

An announcement was made that the RAA had assigned a staff person to take notes at this meeting. The notes would be given to the chair to be transcribed and submitted for posting on the Noise Study web site after approval by the committee. If this note taking arrangement facilitates meetings, other committees can make arrangements, at least two weeks in advance, to have a note taker from the RAA staff.

Everyone agreed to continue with the agenda we had adopted and not completed at the last meeting.

There was discussion regarding the consultant’s scope of work. Bob Brown said that items in the scope needed to be fixed, so it can be sent back to the consultants. Jim DeLong said the impass is holding up the study; we should sign and get on with business. Dorn Crawford said that he would be happy to walk anyone through the scope issues. Consultants want the scope finalized before they begin modeling.

There was discussion about outstanding study elements. Dorn expressed concern that these outstanding items and some questioned items in technical reports could impact the rest of the study. Committee members reviewed a "Top Ten List" of outstanding study elements. Bob was concerned about the consistency of the wording on the checklist. Dorn agreed to study this.

Maps with daytime only and nighttime only noise contours were discussed.

Dorn expressed concern about the format of the presentation of airfield capacity and delay analysis information on the web site.

The peer review of the consultant’s runway use assumptions and other early study issues was discussed. Jim had a concern that the INM guidelines were followed and that there may not be a better way.

It was announced that the noise officer position had been offered to the committee’s top choice candidate, but this person had declined the position. The RAA’s Human Resources Dept, is in the process of offering the position to another candidate approved by the committee.

It was announced that the NOISE conference held in Louisville was a success due in part to UPS and Innovative Housing tours and an RAA sponsored dinner.

There was discussion regarding exceptions to contraflow. Some suggestions were made to help reduce the number of these exceptions. The RAA could develop a letter to those flying against contraflow, to boost awareness and let them know about the consequences of flying against contraflow. Carriers that fly at these times could be asked to explain why this is part of their schedule.

There was concern that the number of exceptions to contraflow and who the exceptions are is still unknown. Jim said that the control tower or his staff could help to identify these numbers and carriers.

An LDA approach to the west runway from the north is being worked on and as information about this approach is available, it will be sent to committee members.

It was agreed that a date for the next meeting would not be set. The next meeting will be arranged and announced when called for. Without objection, the meeting adjourned at 8:45.


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