Meeting Notes
: Noise Monitoring Committe

Committee notes reflect the views and opinions of the committee members and not necessarily those of the Noise Compatibility Study Group, Coordinating Council, Regional Airport Authority of Louisville and Jefferson County, or the Consultant Team.


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May 6, 1999 7:00 PM - 9:15 PM

Robert Barker, Charles Barnhill,
Terry Borne, Betty Cantrell,
Don Conrad, Brenda Ensey,
Mary Rose Evans, Ald. Greg Handy,
George Hudson, Bill Monahan,
Melanie Nehmzow, Marvin Pilkenton,
Denny Rued, Bill Simpson M/M,
Ernie Smith, Joe Thomas,
Teresa Cusick, Norm Nezelkewicz.

Chairman Marvin Pilkenton opened the meeting asking if there were any new members to the committee, and there were no responses. Bob Brown passed out handouts, and discussion began regarding locations for the monitors to be placed. Marvin suggested sites with low amounts of background noise so the aircraft noise can be easily identified. Bob Brown passed out additional handouts which included responses from questions directed to Leigh Fisher during the last meeting.

Denny Rued asked if you add car traffic and airplane noise and its 75 db, what is the difference between just aircraft noise at 75 db. Denny asked if people live in an area where the standard is 55 db and then an aircraft comes over and its 65 dba or more, 10 above that 55, wouldn't that area be a concern. Marvin explained that the dba between standard noise and aircraft noise must differ by at least 10 dba for it to be recognized as aircraft noise. Mary Rose Evans explained people are concerned about the additive noise effects, but the purpose of the committee is to make sure the model is accurate. Marvin stressed the monitoring sites will determine if the model by Leigh Fisher is correct. Marvin also pointed out that Leigh Fisher had models placed one mile from the end of the runways.

Bob Brown passed out additional handouts showing aircraft noise complaints for the past three weeks and the location of Leigh Fisher's monitoring sites. Marvin suggested the noise complaints could assist the committee in picking site locations. Denny advised Minor Lane Heights will not need a monitor because Leigh Fisher has already placed one near them.

The committee took a moment to review the location of the Leigh Fisher sites, and Denny placed Leigh Fisher's sites on the map using large blue and red push-pins. Denny pointed the location of Leigh Fisher's sites on the large map and identified the area they are located; he noted the site in Fairdale was right next to a train track. Bob Brown pointed out the map from Leigh Fisher shows flight tracks and population density. He added the site locations will be selected somewhere within the circles shown on the map.

Melanie Nehmzow said the flight tracks are supposed to change in the evening, but the pilots do not adhere to this to the degree the neighbors would like. The flight tracks are also changed due to weather. Marvin suggested the committee ask Leigh Fisher if the flight tracks listed on the map are current, past or future flight tracks. Melanie stated the pilots are not supposed to turn the aircraft until they are past the Aegon Tower. She added until we get the Arts data we shouldn't pick our sites. She added the Leigh Fisher data cannot be current because they just began collecting flight data within the last month. The committee agreed the flight tracks shown from Leigh Fisher are based on 1993 data. Marvin asked Bob Brown if they pick the sites based on flight tracks that are not current, what is in the Scope that covers this which would allow them to come back later and do it right. Bill Simpson suggested checking with Leigh Fisher to determine if the microphones were directional.

Don Conrad concluded the flight track discussion by stating the Control Tower has informed him once the pilot gets his wheels off the ground, the pilot is in control of where that plane goes. Don stated we should pick monitoring sites that we know where noise comes from. The committee agreed with Don's comments.

Denny noted that the Leigh Fisher monitoring sites were located on the flight track; he said the committee should deviate from the flight patters and look in places where the noise is occurring. Mary Rose suggested the committee break into groups and determine sites where they would like monitors in their respective neighborhoods. The committee broke into groups and re-convened with a total of 14 site locations.

After discussion regarding a Knopp Avenue location the committee agreed to take it off the list because it is a business area and not highly populated. After discussion regarding the Floyd Knobs and Clarksville, IN locations the committee agreed to pull the Floyd Knobs site and place it on reserve in the event they are allowed twelve sites. The committee also placed the site located in central South Park Hills, in between the two contours, on reserve because it is not highly populated.

The committee agreed to the following 10 locations as monitoring sites:

1) Pioneer Village(Bill Monahan 957-4844)

2) 10107 Caven Avenue (Robert Barker 968-0272)

3) 3206 Hillview Drive off Barricaks (Charles Barnhill 964-5129)

4) 10912 National Turnpike Drive (Steve Lamilier 368-7807)

5) Evergreen Cemetary (Don Conrad 969-0502)

6) 2811 Parklawn (Mary Rose Evans 634-1846)

7) 840 Eastern Parkway (Ernie and Jane Smith 637-1635)

8) Noe Middle School (Melanie Nehmzow 635-5988)

9) Woodbine and Floyd (Norm Nezelkewicz 635-5988)

10) Lincoln Heights, IN - 2606 Wildwood Drive (Bob Sisk 944-9055, 948-8154)

(Names in parentheses are those people responsible for assuring that monitoring in done in the appropriate, designated location.)

The committee agreed to the following 2 locations as reserve monitoring sites, in the event they are allowed 12 rather than 10:

1) Floyd Knobs area

2) South Park Hills, Central location, between the two contours.

The committee elected Denny Rued as Vice-Chairman. Marvin added their committee may combine with the Metrics Committee and form a new title. Marvin will advise the next meeting date.



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