Meeting Notes : Noise Monitoring Committee

Committee notes reflect the views and opinions of the committee members and not necessarily those of the Noise Compatibility Study Group, Coordinating Council, Regional Airport Authority of Louisville and Jefferson County, or the Consultant Team.
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Charles Barnhill, Terry Borne, Don Conrad,
Mary Rose Evans,?Bill Monahan, Andrea Pecchioni,
Marvin Pilkenton, James Price, Denny Rued,
Bob Sisk, George Hudson, Robert Barker,
Sue Monahan, Greg Handy, Brenda Ensey,
Shelley Brumleve, Ernie Smith, Jane Smith,
Betty Cantrell, Steve Lambert.

The attendees introduced themselves and gave location where they lived. All of the attendees live except for Marvin Pilkenton around the airport and are affected by the noise. Marvin Pilkenton was selected as Chairperson.

Next meeting scheduled May 6, 1999.

The committee prefers Leigh Fisher (LF) to pick its sites first and then the committee will select its sites. The committee prefers to pick the alternative sites, if there are any. LFâs technical needs may be specific.

The committee would like copies of all actual noise complaints from the RAA.

A motion was made that if there is any duplication of noise monitoring sites, this committee would be the body that selects the alternate sites.

Suggestions were made to put monitors at Minor Lane Heights and in Andreaâs area (she has other noise), 3 blocks from the expressway, and on the hill south of the airport west of Coral Ridge.

There are financial constraints, which is why the committee selects ten sites to augment the 10 sites selected by LF. To add more monitors would require more money. The committee may have to find money for the extra monitors.

The committee was committed to choosing its 10 sites wisely and to having a couple of alternatives.

Some members felt ground noise was worse than having planes overhead. LF ground noise. Some attendees alleged that wherever the monitors were placed previously, that the tower would direct traffic away from the monitor. They came up with the idea of put monitors on each end of the runways for the entire 20-day monitoring period, rather than 10 monitors in different locations for 24 hours each. Then LF would have a record of where the planes were arriving and departing.

With regard to placing a monitoring system three or four blocks away from the expressway, LF reviewed the suggestion and replied e-mail that they cannot do it.

Someone asked what is our expectation of what this data is going to provide and what are we going to do with it?

The interaction of noise (like being near the expressway) is an example of how the interaction can effect people.

The committee felt it needed more scientific information on where the monitors needed to be placed, make the right decision for our future and prosperity.

It was decided that the committee did not need to make a decision on the sites that tonight. The committee requested flight pattern and noise complaint data to decide where the bulk of the problems were (Marvin is to obtain this information from). The committee discussed eliminating areas such as Edgewood and Minor Lane Heights; whether there was a land use development plan around airport; UPS flight patterns, weight and type of airplanes; and the weather.

Greg Handy recommended having his noise consultant attend a meeting to explain some terms and on what the needs to be focusing.

Someone asked whether it would be feasible to have a permanent monitoring system.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.



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