Meeting Notes : Noise Metrics Committee

Committee notes reflect the views and opinions of the committee members and not necessarily those of the Noise Compatibility Study Group, Coordinating Council, Regional Airport Authority of Louisville and Jefferson County, or the Consultant Team.
back to NOTES       Wednesday, May 26, 1999

Fourth Presbyterian Church Preston Highway Louisville, KY

The meeting was called to order at 6:15 pm at 4th Presbyterian Church on Preston Hwy.

Marvin Pilkenton proposed consideration of a noise monitor that had been recommended by a GE engineer. Marvin circulated a specification and information packet on the monitor. His request was that LFA/KM Chng consider this monitor for use in the noise study. (Model BK 2260). Marvin speculated that this equipment could give "better and broader data".

Dorn Crawford and Bill Simpson agreed to give copies of the packet to LFA Thursday (5/27), and request a response from LFA/KM Chng on this idea.

The LFA team joined the meeting in progress, to discuss their proposal to address the issue of 1/3 octave band measurement. This is one of the community-selected "alternate metrics". See previous meeting notes for details on the scenarios discussed to measure 1/3 obm.

Bill Willkie detailed their suggestion for this. He proposed two monitoring sites for 1/3 obm. One would be to the North, along the East runway centerline, where there is currently, in his words, a cluster of 3 sites. This cluster is a combination of LFA and community-selected sites. Mary Rose recommended that the site be on Eastern Parkway.

Bill W. suggested another site to the South, in the Minor Lane Heights area. He elaborated on this type of measurement, describing it as taking a "finger-print" of the aircraft's noise. He said it provides data not just about that particular point of the aircraft's travel but a "profile of the noise". This requires that an operator visually identify the aircraft as it goes over, and match this information with the monitored data. [Bill Simpson] This matching of data can also be confirmed with the ARTS information, according to Marvin Pilkenton.

Bill W. also reminded the group, that not only will the 1/3 obm data be available, but all the other sites will be reported in C-weighted format [Bill Simpson], in addition to the previously stated INM metrics. There was no objection to this approach by any of the attendees.

At approximately 6:45, the members of the metrics committee joined the monitoring committee, at which, Bill Willkie described the same process.



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