Meeting Notes : Public Information Committee

Committee notes reflect the views and opinions of the committee members and not necessarily those of the Noise Compatibility Study Group, Coordinating Council, Regional Airport Authority of Louisville and Jefferson County, or the Consultant Team.

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August 3, 1999
7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Attendees: Mrs. Mindy Lambert, Mr. Dorn Crawford, Ms. Luanne Rice, Mr. Denny Rued, Ms. Pam Schott, and Ms. Lyndsay Tabler

Meeting was called to order at 7:10pm

The committee members read and approved the agenda and previous meeting’s notes provided.

The meeting began with the designation of Denny Rued as note taker.

Pam Schott, with Mo’ Better Marketing, gave a report on the media involvement.

Denny Rued inquired as to the cost of a billboard sign to which Pam Schott said she would find the cost for us.

Mindy Lambert expressed concern that a brochure will be done by Leigh Fisher Associates and that LFA would skip the Public Information Committee and go straight to press.

Luanne questioned why no community people were on the television program about the part 150 study only that Bill Simpson (UPS) and Bill Willke (LFA) were on the program.

The answers were that Bill Simpson was chair of the study group at that time, Bill Willke is in charge of LFA, and that’s who the television people asked for.

Luanne wants more community involvement in news broadcasts.

The idea was floated about getting media management engaged in reporting on the study with RAA and General Manager support.

Mindy brought up a general letter writing campaign and a letter to the editor of the Courier-Journal.

Luanne brought up a generic form letter that all committees could sign going to the CJ.

Denny brought up challenging other committees to write editorials.

Dorn Crawford brought up the idea of a series of editorials or articles.

Dorn also brought up the idea of a noise officer. Rande Swann is acting as monitor as of now.

The next meeting is August 25, 1999 at 7:00 pm at RAA offices.

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