Meeting Notes : Environmental Issues Committee

Committee notes reflect the views and opinions of the committee members and not necessarily those of the Noise Compatibility Study Group, Coordinating Council, Regional Airport Authority of Louisville and Jefferson County, or the Consultant Team.
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June 10, 1999, 7:00 PM

Attendees: Ms. Mary Rose Evans, Ms. Emily Evans, Mr. Tim Chilton, Ms. Mindy Lambert.

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM.

The committee reviewed and adopted the agenda proposed. Mary Rose Evans was designated as temporary chair of the committee. Due to the number of attendees present, it was agreed to postpone designating a permanent chair until a majority of the committee members were present.

The committee discussed possible environmental issues and priorities of importance the committee would be researching and reviewing over the course of the Airport Noise Compatibility Study. They were as follows:

Air Pollution
1. The airport operating independently rather than being required to follow Federal regulations regarding air pollution laws.
2. "Unspent Fuel" – the location of airplane dumping and disposal of unused jet fuel in the Louisville area, e.g. Jefferson Memorial Forest.
3. Carbon monoxide – possible levels of toxins in and around the airport and surrounding neighborhoods and businesses. This would also link in with human health effects issues.

Chemical Deposits
1. This issue links with the unspent fuel issue mentioned above.
2. Study regulations for depositing and disposing of jet fuel, deicing materials, toxins, etc.

Human Health Effects
Committee members agreed that more information and research would be needed on this issue. Plans to research data on the Internet and find a guest speaker/expert to present case studies on how the noise problem and other environmental issues can create such things as sleep deprivation, stress, hearing loss, anxiety, etc.

Wildlife Degradation
Members again felt an expert on the issue may need to present more data to educate and determine what areas need to be looked into. Mary Rose mentioned the military might have some studies on related circumstances due to high levels of noise and activity in training facilities.

"Quality of Life" Factor in Community Socioeconomic Picture
Members felt this topic may be a subject better suited for the Strategic Planning Committee in its discussions of home purchasing and resale values, demographics, etc.

Other Issues
1. Emily Evans mentioned water pollution and how this is linked with the air pollution and chemical deposit issues. Dumping of unspent fuel, runoff of spilled chemicals (e.g., deicing) and how it affects neighboring land, streams and water drainage. Possibilities of water transporting toxins and other dangerous chemicals to surrounding communities.
2. Mindy Lambert brought up that a combination of air pollution, fuel deposit and chemical runoff may have a large negative effect on soil and vegetation in nearby communities (i.e., gardens, trees, food we grow, etc.) and as far away as 10 miles. The Department of Agriculture and local experts on the subject may be able to provide more information on this subject, such as case reports on soil comparison tests run in our local area.
3. Mary Rose noted the possibility of buried pollutants underneath and around the new runways when paving was under way. Talk of a new metro system (T2) could bring these pollutants back to the surface if the plan is to build under the airport. This may create environmental hazards.

Attendees felt they would like to hear qualified experts/presentations on the above issues. This would help to educate and determine the direction to pursue. The committee suggested the following sources:

    Mr. Art Williams – Air Pollution Control Board, Louisville and Jefferson County
    Bud Hixson – Community activist
    Kurt Mason
    Studies by branches of military, Department of Agriculture, APCB, Department of Forestry.

Mr. Tim Chilton, Ms. Mary Rose Evans, and Ms. Emily Evans were added as members to the roster.

Due to the number of attendees, it was suggested a date not be set immediately for the next meeting. Mary Rose Evans agreed to call other committee members to see what dates are convenient. Tentative dates are June 30, July 1 or July 8, 1999.


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