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      The Regional Airport Authority is updating its Noise Compatibility Program, undertaken and approved under Part 150, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Regulations, and is encouraging all affected segments of the community to participate.

The current noise compatibility program was adopted in 1995, prior to completion of the new parallel runways. Therefore, much of the program -by necessity- was based upon estimates and projections of aircraft landings and takeoffs, types of aircraft, degree of aircraft noise and so forth. With both parallel runways now in use for over a year, and the permanent closure of Runway l/l9 in March 1998, a new noise compatibility program is needed. The new program will be based upon data on current air traffic (rather than estimates) and runway usage as well as projections for future aircraft traffic.

The Airport Noise Compatibility Study Group, an advisory committee convened by the Airport Authority, is seeking input from all segments of the community regarding the issue of aircraft noise. This group, which is open to all interested parties, is working with consulting noise experts to develop strategies to minimize the impact of aircraft noise in the Louisville area.

The Study Group will devote about a year and a half to a review and update of the noise compatibility program. It will examine current operations and forecasts of future growth, and how to address the noise impacts of both. The noise consultants and the Group will then recommend ways to balance sometimes conflicting needs. They may consider noise monitoring, radar tracking, advanced navigation aids, refined operational procedures and policies, and a variety of other measures to minimize the impact of aircraft noise.

The Group's recommendations will be reviewed and consolidated by a Coordinating Council, and considered for adoption by the Regional Airport Authority's Board of Directors. The results will be forwarded to the FAA for review and approval. After approval, the Study Group intends to form the core of a Community Noise Forum that will assist the airport in implementing the updated Noise Compatibility Program.

While preliminary participation in the new noise compatibility study so far has been encouraging, the Regional Airport Authority would like to maximize the community's involvement. Anyone may join the Study Group. No experience or expertise is needed, just a sincere interest in helping the community develop the best noise program possible for the airport, its neighbors and users.

To join the Airport Noise Compatibility Study Group, either attend a publicly announced meeting, or call the Regional Airport Authority's Public Relations Department (368-6524 xl19). If you call after hours or get voice mail, please leave your name, mailing address and phone number with a request to be placed on the Noise Study Mailing List. Please mention if you would like a return call. You will receive future meeting notices and updates on the noise study.

Should you have an interest in the noise study, but find yourself unable to attend Study Group meetings, the airport still wants to hear from you. Your questions and ideas are important. You may call either the Airport Authority's Public Relations Department at 368-6524 xl19 or the Noise Study Hotline at 583 5867 for information. Email can be sent to

This is the community's opportunity to participate in the creation of a new noise plan for Louisville International Airport. Let your voice be heard.


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