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The LFA Team will prepare the Noise Compatibility Study, organize and conduct the public participation program, provide technical analyses, and prepare the FAR Part 150 documentation.

The LFA Team will document recommendations adopted by the NCSG, and assist in moving them forward for consideration in compiling the recommended NCP. In addition to the preparation of technical analyses, the LFA Team will support the NCSG through preparation of meeting notes and document comments, questions, and decisions made by the group. The LFA Team will also distribute meeting notices, agendas, and notes; and will assist in media liaison.

LFA Team consultation with NCSG Committees will occur primarily at scheduled NCSG meetings. LFA Team members will provide technical support to each committee in its respective functional area by providing technical advice and responding to technical questions from committee chairs or designated representatives.


Project Management Team

The project management team for the Noise Compatibility Study consists of Dr. William J. Dunlay as the Project Principal, Mr. William J. Willkie as Project Manager, and Mr. Eric Bernhardt as the Deputy Project Manager.

As Project Principal, Dr. Dunlay will provide overall direction to the project team and ensure that the full resources of Leigh Fisher Associates are available to the RAA. As Project Manager, Mr. Willkie is responsible for day-to-day management of the project and the quality of technical work. As the Deputy Project Manager, Mr. Bernhardt will be responsible for schedule management, coordination of the LFA Team, and ensuring that the scope of services is provided on schedule. He would oversee the tasks completed by the Technical Area Leaders and report to the Project Manager.

In addition to the project management team, quality control advisors have been designated to provide additional quality control and guidance to the public involvement, land use planning, and alternatives analysis elements of the Noise Compatibility Study.




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