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The FAA plays two critically important roles in the Noise Compatibility Study. In addition to its responsibilities for air traffic control at Louisville International Airport, the FAA, Airports Division, is responsible for administration of the airport noise compatibility planning process under Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Part 150. Through FAR Part 150, the FAA is responsible for ensuring that noise compatibility planning programs submitted by airport sponsors conform to federal regulations. In this regard, the FAA has two primary responsibilities.

Acceptance of Noise Exposure Maps. The FAA reviews the sponsors Noise Exposure Map (NEM) submittal to determine that the NEM complies with the requirements of FAR Part 150. Acceptance of the NEM indicates that it was prepared in accordance with applicable rules and accepted practice.

Approval of Noise Compatibility Program. After accepting the NEM, the FAA reviews the sponsor's proposed Noise Compatibility Program (NCP) measures. The FAA must complete its review of the NCP within 180 days of acceptance of the NEM, assuming concurrent submittal of both elements. The FAA may approve or disapprove individual measures based on the following considerations:

1. Does the measure create an undue burden on interstate or foreign commerce?

2. Is the measure reasonably consistent with the goal of reducing existing and future noncompatible land use?

3. Does the measure include new or modified flight procedures?

The FAA Memphis Airports District Office (ADO) will be the primary point of contact for this study. The Memphis ADO will coordinate with the FAA Southern Region, which will in turn coordinate with FAA Headquarters Office of Airport Planning and Programming, Community and Environmental Needs Division (APP6O0).


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