Recommendations for Noise Abatement Measures
Sensitive Facilities Committee

go to Study Group Menu       1. Eliminate Visual Approaches and Adhere to Approved Flight Tracks

• Reduces random and expansive flight patterns
• Affects fewer residents and sensitive facilities

2. Establish flight patterns that restrict take offs and landings only to and from the south

• Except in unsafe weather conditions

3. Increase retention time of ARTS data

• Simplify future public 150 studies

4. Creation of a Public Noise Forum and an RAA Noise Office

• Able to review data from ARTS and other noise abatement issues to implement/monitor/correct suggested abatement

5. Utilize the latest acoustical shielding and soundproofing

• Will meet or exceed FAA requirements concerning repair and testing facilities.

6. A cap on any future airport expansions and developments that create new noise above the 65 ldn

• Mitigation is completed prior to the implementation of new additions when they reach or exceed 65 ldn

7. Special request that ARTS be maintained starting February 1, 2000.

• For monitoring any aircraft usage that may not be FAA Stage III compliant.

8. Approved noise abatement must be compliant in a timely fashion

• Time to be appropriately set by the study group as a 150 study recommendation


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